The Fleeting Human Existence

We don't realize the value of a person until they are gone; we don't miss them until they permanently go away from us. We don't realize how much it can impact us until we face the crisis. Life is so very transient and unpredictable, so what's the point of carrying hatred and grudges against one another? What's the point of holding back our feelings and emotions for one another?

The Silent Killer

We all are quite informed of the facts on how does a person feel when he is dealing with depression. But 'why' does one feel so, what pushes them towards that endless dark hole? Whenever depression is being discussed, everyone suggest to speak with someone and open up about their problems. But why they choose not to talk and rather let themselves succumb in the hands of death?

Dare To Dream

Was the girl wrong for wanting to pursue her dreams? Was she wrong in defending herself for her dream even when her parents were turning against her? What she should have done after that argument? Should she stand for herself or just let it be and accept to what her parents were asking her to do?

Life: A Blessing or A Curse?

But during that phase, little did I realize that life, in fact was making me stronger and wiser with each challenges. Time and experience being the greatest teachers, it has been teaching me valuable lessons at every point of my life, and that too in hard ways. With increasing age, I got to experience a lot of things, making me aware of the fact that life is so unpredictable and that it's different for different individuals.